Game Data
Title - Saturn Bomberman
Japanese Title - サターン ボンバーマン
Developer - Hudson

Catalogue No. - T-14302G

Type - Action
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Sometimes referred to as Hi-Ten Bomberman (thanks to the PC Engine prototype) Saturn Bomberman is the only "real" Bomberman game that you'll ever need. You all know what Bomberman is so I won't go in to detail. The game has the one player mode where you travel around a map destroying things to find the exit. The real fun however comes in the shape of the multi player mode and this Saturn version has the best multi player mode ever ! Up to 10 yes TEN players can play at once using two Saturn multi taps. The 10 player game can be played with any combination of human or computer controlled players. So even if you're playing on you're own you can battle it out with 9 computer controlled characters. The game also plays in the Saturn's High resolution mode so that you can see all the lovely details. Characters selectable are all from Hudson games as you'd expect. Take a look at the cover scan above to see how many you recognize.

Saturn Bomberman is the best Bomberman available ! Get it now !