Game Data
Title - Real Bout Garou Densetsu Special
Japanese Title - リアルバウト餓狼伝説スペシャル
Developer - SNK

Catalogue No. - T-3119G

Type - 2D Fighting
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If you must own a Garou Densetsu game on the Saturn then this has got to be the one. SNK have pulled off a beautiful conversion that surpasses the Neo Geo Original in my book. The game uses the 4 MBIT RAM cartridge to great effect. Animation is wonderfully fluid and loading times are pretty good. Not as fast as some of Capcom's 2D fighters but still pretty good. The quality of art used within the game is also of a very high standard. I can't think of a more beautiful looking 2D Fighter on the Saturn. The audio is also perfectly balanced unlike the original Real Bout and the voice samples are nice and clear unlike Garou Densetsu 3.

Playability wise Garou Densetsu Real Bout Special is your typical SNK outing which is no bad thing. The game has this wonderful easy to get in to feel about it that will keep even the newest comers to SNK fighters happy. The difficulty levels are also balanced enough to tell the difference between levels 1 to 8.

Garou Densetsu Real Bout Special is the best Garou Densetsu (Fatal Fury) game for the Saturn. Get it now ! I promise you won't be disappointed.