Game Data
Title -  Interactive Movie Action - Time Gal & Ninja Hayate
Japanese Title - kcQ[ ^CME҃ne

Catalogue No. -  T-20702G

Type -  FMV Action
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Ecseco have done it again by bringing us Saturn fans 2 more classic laser disc games. This time the games come from Taito and it looks as if Taito were more geared towards the release of this collection because they have given Ecseco loads of bonus material such as original art designs for the original arcade machines and promotion work. None of this is present in the Data East conversions (Thunder Storm & Road Blaster). As with Ecseco's other conversions, these are pure laser disc conversions with the option of original or Saturn graphical overlays and sound effects. Sadly the cool opening song from the Japanese Mega CD version of Time Gal by Wolf Team is missing.

Both Time Gal and Ninja Hayate play quite like every other FMV based game apart from these two have a slight twist to them. As well as pushing the right direction at the desired time you also have to select what to do next from a choice of three options. This can be a pain for those who can't read Japanese, though it isn't impossible since you can just memorize the options that were of no use.