Game Data
Title - Space Invaders
Japanese Title - Xy[XCx[_[
Developer - Taito

Catalogue No. - T-1107G

Type - Vertical Shooting Action
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Well you can't get more Retro than Space Invaders can you? This Saturn release by the creators of Space Invaders, Taito, features 5 different modes.

Monochrome which is the original black and white version with no background.

Cellophane, which is the same as the Monochrome version but with coloured cellophane strips put across the screen to make it look as if the game is in colour.

Colour, like the title says it's in colour, well 4 colours.

Hikei Tsuki, which is the mode with a background !! You remember the one ? It's the one with the planet at the bottom of the screen.

Arranged Mode, which is only available as a two player mode. This brings Space invaders up to date with full colour graphics and snazzy backgrounds. Oh and better audio (^o^)  I just which the arranged more could be played as a single player game.