Game Data
Title - 2Do Arukotowa Sandoahru
Japanese Title - 2度あることはサンドア〜ル
Developer - CRI

Catalogue No. - T-6802G

Type -  Variety
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  2Do Arukotowa Sandoahru is one of those crazy party type games that's filled with loads of mini sub games which you must complete to move on to the next section. The variety of the puzzles is quite wide with most of them actually being fun to play. Even though this game is in Japanese the puzzles or challenges as I'd call them are quite easy to pick up almost straight away. Like all games of this type it's best playing with a friend but if you don't have that option then you can always play the arcade mode which is set as a type of quest style.

A great game that Saturn owners should seek out. Looks good, sounds good and most importantly plays good.