Game Data
Title - 3D Mission Shooting FINALIST
Japanese Title - 3Dミッション・シューティング ファイナリスト
Developer - Neon

Catalogue No. - T-18511G

Type -  3D Shooting Action
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  Better known as Tunnel B-1 in the west, this first person shooter brings a change to the crowded muscle bazooka owning goons that overrun the gender. Unfortunately the Saturn version is a half arsed effort PlayStation conversion. We all know that the Saturn CAN do transparencies in a 3D world if programmed right. Now the company who made the PlayStation original and also this Saturn version is called Neon. Why do you think they named their company that? That's right, because the PlayStation version of this game was beautifully lit with loads of light sourcing and transparencies. The Saturn version on the other hand which could have handled the transparencies, gets left with the old wire mesh look (-_-), Oh well.

The game is typical of mid to late 90's European developed PlayStation games, i.e. it's a bit dull. It starts off well but after a few levels into the game everything seems very similar. Also the camera angle makes me want to keep looking up for some odd reason. It's far too low to the ground.

Overall 3D Mission Shooting FINALIST is a half decent game that should be picked up as long as you can find it cheap enough.