Game Data
Title -  X JAPAN Virtual Shock 001
Japanese Title - w@i`o`m@uhqst`k@rgnbj@OOP
Developer - I2 Project

Catalogue No. - GS-9023

Type - Music Entertainment

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  Ifd had been trying to get this game for years but every time it appeared in a shop or Yahoo Auctions it went for silly money. Finally I found a copy in a small independent game store for only 500 yen. Even at 500 yen itfs a waste of money ! What I was expecting was loads of great X Japan music but what I found was a boring as hell RPG. So God only knows why they wrote "Music Entertainment" as the game's description on the case.

X Japan Virtual Shock is a fully FMV based RPG that has you playing the part of a cameraman wondering around the back stage corridors of Tokyo Dome. Itfs up to you to find out where the band members are and shoot some great shots.

I played this for 3 hours straight and not once did I get anything remotely interesting. Yeah, I took a few shots of the band members rehearsing or giving interviews now and then but the majority of the time was spent wandering around back stage being told to piss off or come back later. Also not once did I find anyplace to save my progress meaning that once I had switched off the game Ifd have to start again from scratch.

Even for the X Japan fan I canft see this title bringing much enjoyment. Best bought for collecting purposes only or if you're a nut for colour printed discs.