Game Data
Title - 3x3 Eyes Kyuusei Kousyu S
Japanese Title - 3~3EYES `z`S
Developer - Nihon Create

Catalogue No. - T-21301G

Type -  Adventure
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  I had pretty high hopes for this game but sadly they weren't met. What I wanted was a game based upon the first few episodes of the anime but what we have is one based further in to the saga. Featuring quite a few anime clips and full voice support from the original Japanese cast, 3x3 Eyes is certainly going to appeal to fans of the series however you must understand that this game is basically page after page of text just like most Japanese adventure games.

Now, all is not lost because coming free with 3x3 Eyes is a special and very well put together bonus disc featuring Megumi Hayashibara (Voice of Pai and 100's of other anime characters) and the guy who does Yakumo's voice. Can't be arsed to find out his name even though all I have to do is read the instruction booklet. Yes, I'm lazy like that. Anyway, this bonus disc features a tour around Hong Kong where 3x3 Eyes is based most of the time. Profiles on the main characters from 3x3 Eyes and loads of other cool stuff for fans of the series.