Game Data
Title - Sotsugyou III Wedding Bell
Japanese Title - 卒業III Wedding Bell
Developer - Westone / Shogakukan

Catalogue No. -  T-10506G

Type - Simulation
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   Isn't it funny how all the Sotsugyou games are made by different developers. This was the last (as far as I know) Sotsugyou for the Saturn which came from Westone of all people. Lovely anime style intro along with colourful looking graphics are just two points that stand this out above the rest but at the end of the day it's still just the same game as all the other Sotsugyou games.

Sotsugyou III comes with one of those cards that feature two different images depending one what angle you view them from. Below I've tried to capture both the different images. It wasn't easy as I'm sure you know but I think I've managed to pull it off.