Title -  Phantasm  ( ファンタズム)

Maker - Outrigger   Catalogue No. - T-36001G


Type - Interactive Horror



Spanning a massive 8 yes that's right EIGHT discs, Phantasm takes Saturn owners in to the world of mysterious horror.  You may know this game under it's western PC title of Phantasmagoria.  I'm not too sure why they change the title for the Saturn mind you.  Probably easier to say Phantasm than Phantasmagoria I guess.

This Saturn version just like it's PC brother is a little on the sluggish side I find making game play more of a dull waiting experience than a in  your face horror.  That's not to say it's such a bad game though.  If you've got the time to sit back and enjoy this title then you'll most certainly will.  The only problem is that the buggers have dubbed everything in to Japanese !  Why can't they just subtitle it?  Surly it would be easier.  The digitized areas with live action actors do look a little dated these days but still manage to pull it off.  The gore is quite nice if you're in to that sort of thing.

Below you can see the two double CD cases that come inside the slip case pictured above.