Game Data
Title - 3D Baseball The Majors
Japanese Title - 3D ベースバール 〜ザ・メジャー〜
Developer - Crystal Dynamics

Catalogue No. - T-18003G

Type -  Variety
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  I'm not a big fan of Crystal Dynamics. An awful lot of their games just don't appeal to me. Dark looking pure American based software. Now, there's nothing wrong with American based software at all since there is defiantly a market and fans to support it. However 3D Baseball, The Majors did actually impress me.

The quality of the 3D in this game far out does Sega's Greatest Nine series with ease. Even the main player is polygon generated without looking all square-ish. The commentary is also pretty good although the voice does tend to become annoying after a while.

3D Baseball plays a pretty decent game of baseball as well. You've got all your options to play with and stats to keep you happy as well. In fact I'd say that 3D Baseball is one of the better baseball sims out there on the Saturn. Well worth checking out. You will have to put up with a poor quality FMV add for Pandemonium though before the game starts. This is quite odd since Pandemonium was released by Bandai in Japan under the name of Magical Hoppers along with brand new characters and look. Far better than the original.