Game Data
Title - Arcade Gears 2 - Gun Frontier
Japanese Title - アーケードギアーズ 2 − ガンフロンティア
Developer - Taito

Catalogue No. - T-26109G

Type - Vertical Shooter
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 Quite an odd story behind this shooter. From what I can gather the people of the wild west were under attack from out of space beings. They waited for someone to rescue them but that person never arrived resulting in an awful lot of lives being lost. Enter the Gun Frontier with his ship that resembles a gun ! This is where you take to the skies to blow the crap out of everything in sight.

Being a game that was originally released in 1991 it still managed to look half decent in 1997 when it came to the Saturn. The whole style as if you haven't already worked out is wild west based mixed with a little steam punk. The game plays pretty well, still managing to pack quite a challenge all these years later even though it doesn't really feature any crazy bullet patterns.

Presentation throughout is very good as you'd expect with a Taito shooter. One thing that did spook me though is the picture of a boy who appears in the opening and in the sound test room. If you look closely you can also see him on the back of the case.

Another excellent retro title for you to pick up for your Saturn and don't forget to make sure your copy comes complete with the Gamest Gears mini booklet that explains all about Gun Frontier in detail.