Game Data
Title - 6 Inch My Darling
Japanese Title - 6インチ まいだ〜りん
Developer - Kindle Imagine Develop

Catalogue No. - T-19721G

Type -  Adventure
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  No, this isn't a game about someone with a 6 inch dick you dirty minded people. It is in fact a game about 3 little 6 inch tall people. Apart from that there's nothing else of interest in this game. Just like the 100's of other plain Japanese text adventure games out there. It does come with this nice trading card though.

You'll notice that the trading card above is listed as number 000.  Recently I've come across a set of special trading cards for this game which when placed together form a larger image.  Typically I'm missing some cards and have many doubles.  You sort of get the idea though.

On the back of the small cards that make up the main image are individual peaces of art.  Below is a selection of a few of them.