Game Data
Title - 3D Lemmings
Japanese Title - 3Dレミングス
Developer - DMA Design

Catalogue No. - T-15013G

Type -  Action Puzzle
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  The Lemmings go all 3D for the venture in to the new age of 3D gaming and like most things that moved on from 2D to 3D it became worse. Graphically 3D Lemmings isn't that bad to tell the truth, especially for such an early Saturn game. The main problem is that it doesn't really work too well in 3D. Lemmings in it's 2D form was a fantastic action puzzle title that could keep you amused for ages. Sadly that's all gone in this 3D incarnation. The game starts off fun slowly progressing in to a 3D mess. The problem is that you keep needing to mess around with camera angles so you can see where your little lemming buddies are going. This soon becomes more of a chore than fun. If it wasn't for all the messing about with camera angles this would actually be quite a nice game but as it is.........

3D Lemmings is worth a look if you can get it cheap enough but don't be expecting the same old enjoyment that you got from the original 2D versions.