Game Data
Title - Death Crimson
Japanese Title - デスクリムゾン
Developer - Ecole

Catalogue No. - T-23202G

Type - Gun Shooting Action
Video Link


You may have seen Death Crimson 2 on the Dreamcast and maybe even Death Crimson OX which is actually not too bad, but have you ever seen Death Crimson 1 on the Saturn? If not then think yourself lucky because this is THE WORST looking Saturn game ever. Not only is it the worst looking game but also sounds and plays like shit. So much in fact that in Japan this game received the title of Kusosoft which basically means Shit Game ! But here is the odd thing. Death Crimson became so famous for being so shit that every copy of the original print sold out !!

These days Death Crimson is a highly regarded cult game for the Saturn with copies selling for over 10’000 yen at one point in time.  Anyway, the bottom line is that this game is pure completely awful. It's way too hard for a start. This is mainly due to poor collision detection, indistinguishable sprites and polygons and shear impossible targets.

 Now I don't normally do this for games here at Segagaga Domain but just check out a few of the screen shots. I thought this was a joke release first time I saw it.

As you can tell from the title screen, this game is just poor and that CG monster has bugger all to do with the actual game!  Don't forget to check out the in game video from the link above.  Then you'll see just how awful this game looks.