Game Data
Title -  Stakes Winner 2 Legend of the Strongest Horse
Japanese Title - ステークスウィナー2 最強馬伝説
Developer - SNK / Saurus

Catalogue No. -  T-3115G

Type - Horse Racing Action Simulation
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Not quite what you'd expect from SNK the makers of more 1 on 1 fighting games outside of Capcom.

Unlike other horse racing simulations this takes more of a comical approach which is quite an inviting change for somebody like myself who can't stand horse racing games due to their dull nature. Serious horse racing fans should not be put off by this comical approach either. Stake Winners 2 is packed full of everything you'd expect from a horse racing simulation such as buying and raising your own horse, endless stats and of course the actual races. However I don't think the ability to “turbo boost” your horse will appeal too much to the hard-core horse racing fan. One major point about this game though that stands it out above the rest for me is the fact that you can actually control the horse as it races around the track rather than just watching them.