Game Data
Title - Game Tengoku - The Game Paradise Limited Edition
Japanese Title - ゲーム天国極楽パック
Developer - Jaleco

Catalogue No. - T-5711G

Type - Vertical Shooting
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Game Tengoku is Jaleco's answer to Konami's Parodius series. The game features many characters from various Jaleco games blasting their way through comical stages.  Game Tengoku does have quite a nice twist though that no other shooter has.  Game Tengoku is actually a shooter based on the life of an arcade or game center, as they're called in Japan. The first stage starts you off flying over a load of Japanese arcade cabinets which actually have games running on them such as Super EDF and Dead Dance (from the Super Famicom) as well as others. All the enemies are also related to Jaleco games. One of my favorite stages is the 8 bit stage. On this stage it comes up saying that the 32bit CPU (being the Saturn) has been captured by an 8bit CPU changing all the graphics in to black & white Space Invader efforts.

There are two versions of the game on this disc, which are the original arcade mode and the Saturn mode. Saturn mode is by far the better of the two simply because it features all the arcade levels plus 3 or 4 new ones including the karaoke level that's a really good laugh. Also the Saturn mode has cut scenes that explain the plot of the game. Not only are the two modes of play but also a history on Jaleco games and other goodies.

Game Tengoku is a very well presented game showing that Jaleco can actually put together a great product when they can be bothered. My only grumble is that it's too easy in two player mode and not really that hard in one player mode either. Still it is a great laugh and easily the best comedy shooter after the Parodius series.

This version I have is the limited edition which comes with a VHS tape featuring an anime based on the game which runs for 16 minutes plus there's interviews with the voice cast lasting for 41 minutes. Below you can see the box that the VHS tape and game come in along with the front and back covers to the actual tape.