Game Data
Title -  X-Men Vs Street Fighter
Japanese Title - エックスメン VS ストリートファイター
Developer - Capcom

Catalogue No. - T-1226G

Type - 2D Fighting

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 Another great game that amazes the world by pushing the Saturn to do things that no other home system could. Thanks to the 4MBit ram cart that came with this release and a few other Capcom games, Capcom were able to bring the true arcade experience home to the Saturn. Featuring MASSIVE sizes sprites and up to 4 of them on screen at one time without the slightest hint of slowdown is sure to amaze. Loading is also none existent too. If you're a 2D fighting fan then make sure you get this !! I promise that you won't be disappointed. Oh, make sure you have a 4MBit ram cart too, otherwise this game won't run without it.