Retro Core 3 is over but that's no reason to be upset because Retro Core 4 is here to take over.  This new series of Retro Core will feature less games per show however with luck there should be more shows per month rather than just the one show ever 5 or 6 weeks.

So what can you expect to see in this 1st volume of Retro Core 4?  Well, the main game this week is Jewel Master for the Mega Drive.  Not such a widely known game and possibly a pretty good title that many may have over looked.  I also take a video in the newly opened Hard Off.  In fact it was only opened yesterday!  So I headed off down there with my phone and grabbed a bit of video from their "Junk" section.

Oh, and for fans of "Shite of the show"  Don't worry.  It will be back from volume 2

Click for the original 720p video download