It's been a while in the making but finally I've put the 23rd volume of Retro Core 3 together.  The video quality is slightly lower in this show (still 720p) and does corrupt twice due my my video capture card having issues with an updated driver.

Anyway, There's some good stuff in this volume with Dead or Alive on the Sega Saturn, Toobin' from Atari for the Arcade, a VS feature for Night Striker, Kat's Run on the Super Famicom, Tri Formation on the Master System and a new feature called Modern Retro where I take a look at a current generation game that is a remake, improved or heavily based upon a retro classic.  Oh, and let's not forget Shite of the Show.  This volume's Shite of the Show is Panzer Dragoon Mini for the Game Gear.

Click for the original 720p video download