We're half way through summer and the hot humid weather is still here in Japan but that's not going to stop another Retro Core being put together.  In this show there's a look at the Mega CD version of Road Blaster FX / Road Avenger VS the recently released SFC / SNES version.  There's also a look at the unreleased prototype of FZ Senki Axis for the Mega Drive VS the final retail copy.  This version of Axis has never been ripped so there is no ROM of it out there.  Exclusive or what!.

Also featured in this show is S.P.Y. for the arcade, Burning Angle on the PC Engine, the total crap Survival Arts for the arcade, Chase HQ & S.C.I. for the Saturn and Hercequary for the NEC PC98 and yes, being a PC89 game it's got porn in it.

Click for the original 720p video download