Originally released on 10th June 2008. Volume 3 features what some people may describe as Saturn porn or just pure madness.  You'll have to watch the show to find out what is is though.  Retro Core also takes a look at the Dreamcast's version of the Para Para Paradise controller.  And you thought it was only available for the PlayStation 2.  This month also includes 3 games that should have been featured in volume 2, being Dragon Ball Z Final Bout from the Chinese original MD games feature and this months two Saturn titles were originally planned for volume 2. Games featured MD - Aleste - Dragon Ball Z Final Bout - Arcade - Sonic Fighters - Wii - Onechanbara Revolution - Dreamcast - Musapey Choco Marker - Dream Para Para - Saturn - Rabbit - Virus Super Famicom - Robocop 3 (Shite of the month) & Thunder Birds.

Download the 480p version (highest quality available)