Game Data
Title -  Slashout
Japanese Title -  スラッシュアウト
Developer -   Sega

Catalogue No. - 840-0041C

Type -  3D Fighting
Release Date - 1999
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Slashout is the follow up to Spike Out as well as being the predecessor to Spike Battlers.  Like Spike Out, Slashout is a scrolling beat'em up however unlike Spike Out, Slashout is set in some mystical fantasy land that has you armed with magical powers, a big weapon to slash with and many annoying fantasy style enemies to beat the crap out off.  Personally I prefer the modern day street setting used in Spike Out.  Anyway, at least it's better than Spike Battlers which is more of a Power Stone rip-off than anything else.

Overall, Slashout is a decent enough fighter however it's far too tough on the normal level setting plus the camera can be a right pain in the backside at times.

Below you can se scans of the cabinet banner and move instruction cards. Click on the thumbnail to see the full size image.