Game Data
Title -  Dead or Alive 2 Millennium
Japanese Title -  fbh@IA@ACu@Q@lhkkdmmhtl
Developer -   Tecmo

Catalogue No. - 841-0003C

Type -  3D Fighting
Release Date - 1999
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Dead or Alive 2 Millennium is basically the arcade version from which the Japanese Dreamcast game is based upon.  Features such as the naked Kasumi intro are present as well as the original Dead or Alive 2 introduction.  One main difference about the console and arcade versions of the intro is the background music.  The arcade version has an instrumental track completely unlike the vocal track found on the Dreamcast game.

Modes of play in this Millennium edition are standard arcade Story Mode, 2 player VS, Tag Team and Survival.  As far as I'm aware there was no Tag Team or Survival modes in the original Dead or Alive 2 arcade game.

Special goodies found in the set up menus are pretty thin on the ground to be honest.  All your normal custom settings are there from difficulty level, amount of rounds played, player 2 buy in feature, sound test and so on.  Although whilst going through the sound test I did find one music track that's not used in the game or even found on the console release.

Below you can se scans of the cabinet banner, character instruction cards and setup guide covers. Click on the thumbnail to see the full size image.