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Front View

This Neo Geo Pocket Colour is the older version of the machine but to be perfectly honest the newer version is only slightly smaller.  Apart from that it's the same machine.  When you first switch on your Neo Geo Pocket you're asked to enter your personal details such as name, age, time and menu language (English or Japanese).  The main bios of the Neo Geo Pocket also features a horoscope, world time, alarm system and clock. A bit like the Wonderswan.  In my opinion the Neo Geo Pocket Colour has what's got to be one of the best TFT screens out there with the Wonderswan Crystal coming in a close second and the Game Boy Advanced being last with it's God awful "Can't see a thing even in daylight" screen.  The Neo Geo Pocket's screen is strange though.  All newer hand helds have wide screen displays but SNK went for a pure square display for some reason.  The controller on the Neo Geo Pocket is another bonus that puts it above others, it's a pure 8 way digital mini stick.  You can even here the little clicks just like an arcade machine's stick.  Just a shame it only has two buttons.

Back View

Below Left - you can see the quality of the Neo Geo Pocket Colour's screen.  This picture was made by scanning the system on a flat bed scanner.  Remember that the Neo Geo Pocket Colour has NO back light.  Try scanning your GBA and see if you get any where near a good a picture.

Below Right - Nothing too special here, just the Neo Geo Pocket Colour's Power Unit for when you don't want to use batteries.

For some very odd reason, the Neo Geo Pocket Sold in Japan has a box which is completely in English.  Also inside the box are many instruction manuals but none are in English.  The Japanese manual is easy to notice since it's a completely different shape and size.