Title - Triformation  (トライフォーメーション)

Maker - Sega   Catalogue No. - G-1344


Type - Action   FM Sound - Yes

Triformation or better Known as Zillion II in the west is based upon that classic animation, Zillion.  I remember playing Zillion II years ago when I was about 11 thinking what a nice BGM it had.  Of course back then I was using a PAL Master System with it's poor audio unlike the Japanese version with it's FM audio.  Anyway, it wasn't until 5 years later did I actually see the animation only to find out that the main BGM on Trifrormation (Zillion II) is in fact the end credits music from the animation.  Anyway, I'm going off the point now.

So here I am in 2007 checking out this childhood classic from 20 years ago.  It's still as tough as ever and one that you certainly won't be finishing in a hurry.  The game comprises of 2 main stage types.  There's the bike stages where you drive down the corridors on your futuristic bike blasting enemies as you pass them.  Collect enough icons through the corridors to change in to what can only be described as a Transformer with you in the cockpit.  The other set of stages that appear between the bike sections are your basic platform affair.  Nothing too taxing here apart from what seems to be at times, impossible to avoid placed enemies.

Triformation has defiantly aged well thanks to it's classic BGM and colourful graphics.  It still plays pretty well if not a little stiff at times but that's not really going to affect your enjoyment of the title.