Title - Super Wonder Boy  (スーパー ワンダーボーイ)

Maker - Sega   Catalogue No. - G-1316


Type - Platform Action   FM Sound - No

The original Wonder Boy came out under many names although I’ll always think of the Sega rendition as the original with the Hudson games being the bastardized versions.

The Master System version of Wonder Boy or Super Wonder Boy as it was called in Japan (The original Wonder Boy was released on the Sega SG-1000)is actually a pretty faithful copy of the arcade machine. Featuring all the levels and enemies that could be found in it’s big brother arcade version. Even the audio was pretty decent for the Master System (Wonder Boy doesn’t make use of the FM sound chip).

Playability wise Wonder Boys is right up there with the best. Ok, it may be simple with only using jump, fire and run and it may seem a little easy on the first few levels but the further you get in to the game the more skill you’ll have to pour in to it. Split second timing becomes essential in the ice caves which to be honest really did piss me off. Not only does our hero, Tom Tom have to look out for enemies taking away his power but also take care of him self while traveling. You see, Tom Tom is a hungry boy who quickly looses power if he doesn’t stuff a load of fruit in to his mouth. So make sure you can grab as much as possible. The daunting thing is that most of the fruit seems to be placed right in the path of an enemy so you’d better have your hatchet handy to take them out.

A true classic platformer from the simple days. Well worth the time it takes to play it.