Title - Space Harrier  (スペースハリアー)

Maker - Sega   Catalogue No. - G-1310


Type - 3D Shooting  FM Sound - Yes

The Master System was never going to pull off a realistically close version to the arcade Space Harrier but what we do have it pretty decent for the system when you consider it was an early release.  The 3D effect works but not without it's problems.  The main one being the big block of nothingness that surrounds sprites as they scale towards the screen.  Still, you sort of become accustom to this as time goes on.  Another problem with the 3D that Space Harrier and may other sprite based 3D games on the older consoles face is the poor artist idea of scale.  An item will look nice and tiny in the distance then gradually grow bigger in stages.  By stage 4 the sprite seems to be full size but wait, in stage 5 it shrinks back down again only to suddenly grow larger than what it was in stage 4.  Why oh why did programmers think this was a good idea for a scaling effect?  Looks jerky yet many games suffer the same problem.

The audio is a big disappointment in Space Harrier to be honest.  Maybe because it was an early title but this game just screams out "GIVE ME FM SOUND!" but no, what we have it the piss poor audio that all Western Master Systems have.  At least there's a bit of speech with the "Get Ready" and "Ahgggg".