Title - R-Type  iR-TYPEj

Maker - Sega   Catalogue No. - G-1364


Type - Horizontal Shooting  FM Sound - Yes

Who would have thought that the mighty R-Type could have been done on the humble Master System?  Well Sega sure did and what a fantastic job they've done at porting this classic to the Master System.  Coming on a 4Mbit cartridge, one of the biggest on the Master System, this conversion has it all from the arcade.  Now while the graphics do look weak compared to the PC Engine, which to be honest is a far more powerful machine, it still looks pretty impressive.  The game also plays really well with minimal slow down however the sprite flicker may annoy you at some points.  Sound is also very good in the Japanese version thanks to the FM sound support.  Unfortunately the western Master System doesn't have this option.

All together a very impressive shooter that will keep you going for quite some time thanks to it's ruthless difficulty setting once you get to the later stages.  Just make sure you don't die otherwise it's a mighty struggle to get through the levels due to all of your power-ups being taken away.

Pretty much all of the Japanese Mark III / Master System games come with red instruction books but for some reason R-Type's is blue.