Title - Rocky  (ロッキー)

Maker - Sega   Catalogue No. - G-1319


Type - 1 on 1 Fighting Action  FM Sound - No

Rocky these days doesn't really offer much in the way of boxing action to be honest.  There are nice touches where you have to train in order to move on to the next fight but even these are pretty dull once you've seen them a few times.  As for the main boxing match, well for some reason my character kept walking forwards and backwards on his own.  Is my copy of the game faulty?  Maybe but if it isn't that this is a very annoying feature.  Moves are pretty limited as you'd expect with only 2 buttons and don't seem to be very responsive either.

Unless you're a massive Rocky fan I'd give this one a miss.  With only 3 fighters to go up against you'll soon tire of this game.