Title - Phantasy Star  (ファンタシースター)

Maker - Sega   Catalogue No. - G-1341


Type - RPG  FM Sound - Yes

The original Phantasy Star was designed to be used on the Mark III and Master System.  This is why the cartridge is black.  Also since Phantasy Star was made with the Master System in mind it also has FM sound capabilities which improve on the weak sound of the Mark III (Same as a non Japanese Master System) as long as you have the FM Sound expansion pack.  The Japanese Master System had this expansion pack built in unlike the western Master System.

By today's standards the original Phantasy Star is pretty basic but still retains one of the most amazing mazes to be seen on a 8 bit or even 16 bit system.  They are so smooth that you have too see them to believe how good they look.  The classic 3D dungeons were going to make a come back in the Mega Drive version of Phantasy Star 4 but were cut out at the last minute to save on memory costs.