Title - Lord of Sword (ロード オブ ソード)

Maker - Sega   Catalogue No. - G-1361


Type - Action Adventure   FM Sound - Yes

The Master System wasn’t exactly over flowing with quality action RPG titles so thankfully Lord of Sword came along to fill that space.

You take the roll of our sword bearing hero who must travel through the swamps, mountains and dark forests of the mystic land. On his journey he’ll encounter many deadly animals from bears to snakes as well as some monster type creatures. Not only that but he also has to put up with spear throwing natives !

Lord of Sword is quite a long game that you won’t be finishing in one sitting. Thankfully there’s a password system to enable you to continue the next day. However you’d better make sure that you write down the password correctly otherwise it’s back to square one.

Graphically Lord of Sword looks pretty nice. Sure the backgrounds are a bit bare but the main character sprite is pretty big and well detailed as are many of the enemies. The audio is also pretty nice with a melody that will haunt you for many years. It had been over 10 years since I’d last played Lord of Sword before checking it out again for this review yet I could still remember the main melody.

A pretty decent Action RPG platform slash’em up that should be part of your collection.