Title - Captain Silver  (キャプテン シルバー)

Maker - Sega   Catalogue No. - G-1356


Type - Platform Action   FM Sound - Yes

Originally an arcade game by Data East. This Master System version isn’t that bad to be honest. It looks pretty good over all with decent sized sprites and detailed backgrounds. The audio is also nice thanks to the FM sound chip. Challenge is also quite high in this title thanks to the one hit and your dead rule. This can be a little annoying though if you are killed by a bat or cat coming at you from an angle since it can be a little tricky getting these.
Throughout the game you can collect different letter icons that spell out the name Captain Silver. If you manage to collect all icons you are rewarded with an extra life. Don’t worry if you die though, all your icons will still be there.
In total there are six levels unlike the US version which only has four for some odd reason.