Title - Astro Flash  (アストロ フラッシュ)

Maker - Sega   Catalogue No. - C-503


Type - Shooting Action   FM Sound - No

Better known as Transbot in the west, this game was rated the worst shooter on the Master System by pretty much every magazine under the sun.  But do you know, it's not as bad as they all made it out to be.  Yes, the levels go on forever and yes, the weapon system is pretty much complete turd but is it the worst shooter on the Master System?  I think not.  The graphics may be a bit childish but just who was the target audience?  It could have been made with kids in mind.

To me, Astro Flash is best played as a score attack shooter.  Just see how long you can last with one life and what score you can rank up.  If you play it like that you'll probably enjoy it.  After all the enemy attack patterns are pretty advanced for it's time.