Title - Alex Kidd - The Lost Stars  (アレックス キッド ザ ロストスターズ)

Maker - Sega   Catalogue No. - G-1347


Type - Platform Action   FM Sound - Yes

If there was ever a rival to Mario in the classic days of gaming it had to be Alex Kidd.  Sadly Alex Kidd vanished from sight after his first and last Mega Drive appearance in 1988.  But that's ok because they'd probably bugger it up anyway if Sega brought him back.  So what better way to enjoy Alex Kidd than to fire up his old classics.

The Lost Star has got to be one of the most graphically impressive Master System games out there along with Wonder Boy III, Dynamite Dux and a few others.  The graphics are extremely jolly and colourful throughout the entire game.  The audio is pretty nice as well.  There's even some sampled speech in there !

The Lost Star is certainly not for those who are pretty bad at platformers.  Many levels require sharp reflexes as well as a good eye for hitting platforms.  What makes things even more tricky is that Alex has no way to take out the bad guys unless he picks up a shoot icon.  Those of us however who love a challenging platformer will love Alex Kidd and The Lost Star.