Title - After Burner iAt^[o[i[j

Maker - Sega   Catalogue No. - G-1340


Type - Shooting Action   FM Sound - Yes

The Master System version of After Burner is in fact based upon the original game and not After Burner II like so many other conversions. To be honest though Ifve never actually seen the original After Burner so I canft really say if this Master System version follows it well or just a lazy port.

One of the first things youfll notice about After Burner on the Master System is that therefs no throttle control. This is could be mainly due to that fact that the Master System only has two trigger buttons which are used for your gun and missiles. Another thing I noticed is that you donft seem to be limited in the amount of missiles that you can fire, yet you still have the missile reloading sections. Talking of which, in every other version of After Burner Ifve ever played the missile reloading section is automatic however in this Master System game you have to fly your F-14 to the reloading hose. Miss, and forget about a reload (not that it seems to matter).

As far as looks go all is well for a Master System. Decent sense of movement coupled with some nicely sized sprites. The audio on the other hand is slightly disappointing. Even though this game uses the FM sound chip the audio is still pretty weak. No speech, no samples, no real sound effects at all. To top it off there only seems to be one music track. God only knows why this is a 4MB cartridge.

So the game looks ok and sounds ok however it could have been a lot better, but how does it play? Hmm, not too bad to be honest. Collision detection seems to be well in place and even with the lack of the throttle you still manage to get by without too much trouble. There is one massive problem though. Itfs possible to go throughout almost the entire game without being shot down at all by keeping your F-14 in the top right hand corner of the screen! So as you can guess, this is not going to last you very long if you cheat. Apart from that After Burner on the Master System isnft all that bad. Far better than the versions available on the Famicom thatfs for sure.