Title - Action Fighter (アクションファイター)

Maker - Sega   Catalogue No. - G-1305


Type - Driving Action   FM Sound - No

Hop on your hyper powered motorbike in pursuit of the bad guys only to have it magically transform in to a car by collecting A to D icons.  Not only that but your car will have the ability to transform in to a jet fighter !!What more could you ask for in a game?  A racer and shooter all in one.  Hmm, well better controls would be nice for a start.  Actually the only section with poor controls are the motorbike sections.  You see the problem is that the slightest touch from another vehicle sends your bike plowing right in to the road side resulting in death.  I also feel that the bike handling is far too twitchy.  The car on the other hand handles quite well so try to power up as fast as possible.

Action Fighter is a nice little shooter that will take a bit of practice to get the most out of it but over all it's not too bad.  Think of it as a Spy Hunter rip off if you will.