Title -  Super Mario Bros   (スーパー マリオ ブロス)

Developer - Unknown   Catalogue No. - Unknown


Type - Platform Action

What a load of crap this is.  I don't have any cover for this game but just check out the mangled cartridge art.  It's the original Super Famicom Super Mario World art with Yoshi's head changed in to some stupid looking monster.  They've also for some reason added that really crappy image of Mario doing the Sonic "peace" sign.  This is the exact same art found on the awful Sonmario games.  It's possible that this game was made by the same people who made Sonmario but then again you never know since Chinese pirates will even rip each other off.

So what about the game?  Basically what we have here is the Squirrel King game with the backgrounds changed in to Mario looking ones (for the first few levels only might I add) and the main sprite being changed from a chipmunk to an odd looking fat Mario.  Now while Squirrel King was not a bad game this Mario incarnation of it is, simply because this is not how Mario should play and not to mention that the level layouts just do not suit the game playing style.  For example, since when could Mario fire out a fire ball from his hands?  Since when could he hide in boxes?  And since when could he slide up and down walls?

As a Mario game this is very disappointing.  Even as a hack of the Squirrel Kings game it disappointing.  Don't bother with this at all and get the much better Super Mario World 64 if you must have Mario on your Mega Drive.


Super Mario Bros Video

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