Title -  Squirrel King   (リス大様)

Developer - Unknown   Catalogue No. - SEGA-A179


Type - Platform Action

Apparently this is a hack of the Chinese original Super Mario Bros for Mega Drive which was a bloody awful game.  What I can tell you though is that Squirrel King is actually pretty good.  Graphics throughout the game are of a high standard, especially for a Chinese original game.  Sound is also pretty decent.  This game really holds it's own in the playability department.  Everything is just so smooth as if it was an officially produced game.  Animation on the enemies can be a bit dodgy at times or even no existent but that won't throw you off the enjoyment.

The idea of the game is pretty simple, just get from start to finish avoiding the enemies and stuff they throw at you.  Throughout the levels you'll also find items that you can pick up to throw at the enemy as well as finding hidden power ups or life icons.  The levels are challenging enough to keep you coming back for more and don't seem to suffer from any unreachable areas that many games of this type do.  Boss battle I found though a a little tedious but that's just me.  All in all, Squirrel King is a very good Chinese unlicensed game.


Squirrel King Video

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