Title -  Bad Omen   (バッドオーメン)

Developer - Hot-B   Catalogue No. - T-28043


Type - Action

Man, this is a strange game.  It's hard to know where to start with this one.  The cover was described to me as the front of two Jeeps checking out a space marble, hahaha.  That sure made me laugh and in a way that is what the cover looks like.  I can assure you though that there are no Jeeps in this game but I guess you could call the ball a space marble.

Basically, the game is like an advanced version of Arkanoid in that you must bat a ball up the screen at various obstacles and enemies that are blocking your path.  Unlike Arkanoid, in Bad Omen the screen scrolls vertically until you reach the boss of the level.  Take out the boss by smacking him with your ball and on to the next stage you go.

The game sounds very simple in terms of playability and it is but it is one hell of a challenge.  Getting up to the boss isn't such a problem but taking the boss out, is.  To help in your challenge you are equipped with two bats.  These can be maneuvered to provide extra hitting ability.  By far the easiest set up would be to have two bats above one another but it is sometimes necessary to have one bat vertically moving while the other moves horizontally.  This is where the game starts to become a real challenge as you try to work out which would be the best position for your bat.

Bad Omen is defiantly not a game for everyone however with a kicking gothic soundtrack, nice visuals and a new type of challenge, it is worth checking out if you're after something a little different.