Title - Atomic Robo Kid
Original Language Title - アトミック ロボキッド
Developer - Treco
Catalogue No. - T-24013
Game Type - Horizontal Shooting Action
No. Of players - 1

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Do you like your shooters tough? If you do then this could be the game for you. Unlike most shooters where the screen automatically scrolls, in Atomic Robo Kid the screen scrolls with you pretty much like a platform game would do. This makes for a very nice “my pace” game or so it would seem. I say “so it would seem” because you can’t actually hang about in one given area due to the oncoming swarms of enemies. So it’s always in your best interest to keep moving. This really does add to the pace of the game. One thing I don’t like though is the re-spawning. You only have to move away from the screen you where just on to find everything that you had just killed re-appear a few seconds later. I hate stuff like this however I can sort of live with it in Atomic Robo Kid since Atomic Robo Kid wouldn’t be much of a challenge without it.

Graphically the game is quite nice, especially for such an early Mega Drive title. Nice big beefy sprites and decent backgrounds really do give this game an arcade feel. The audio is pretty decent as well thanks to some nice sound effects and fitting tunes.

Atomic Robo Kid is quite a nice change from the normal type of shooters that’s well worth checking out.