Title - Art Alive
Original Language Title - アートアライブ
Developer - FarSight Technologies
Catalogue No. - G-4069
Game Type - Art & Music
No. Of players - 1

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What a load of crap this is.  Art packages on a console are a stupid idea in the first place but how about one that can't even save any of your work?  That's right, with Art Alive you can't save a single thing!  No back-up at all.  The only way to preserve anything was to record it to a video tape.

Now if the fact that you couldn't save wasn't bad enough you'll soon be put off with the awful tools on offer.  Add in poor audio and pathetic stamps and you have yourself one of the worst console art packages EVER!  Just what were those idiots at FarLight Technologies thinking?  What's even more strange is that Sega willingly paste Sega of America across the bottom of the title screen.  If I was them I'd want to hide the fact that I had anything to do with this crap.