Title - Air Diver
Original Language Title - エアダイバー
Developer - Asmik
Catalogue No. - T-20023
Game Type - Shooting
No. Of players - 1

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Asmik are another one of those game companies that never really produced anything of great value in large numbers.  Only every now and then would they come out with something entertaining.  Unfortunately Air Diver isn't.  What we have here is a very early G-Lock attempt using a poor man's After Burner style of presentation viewed from within the cockpit rather than from behind the plane.

The main problem with this game is the 3D effect.  It's just so awful.  Items along the ground are sparse and what items there are update so unrealistically that any sense of flying toward the horizon is completely gone.  Add the fact that the plane seems way to big compared to the ones you are trying to shoot down plus limited movement really does make Air Diver a complete waste of time.  If only more effort was put in to the game engine this could have been on of the earliest great 3D shooters.