Title -  Dragon's Revenge    (ドラゴンズ リベンジ)

Developer - Tengen   Catalogue No. - T-48143


Type - Pinball Simulation

Dragons Revenge is the official follow up to Dragon's Fury but not the official follow up to Devil Crash which is what Dragon's Fury is.  Do you follow me?  Well let me explain.  Originally there was a PC Engine game called Alien Crush which then had a sequel made called Devil Crash.  Both games were by Naxat.  Anyway, Technosoft thought it would be a great idea to port Devil Crash to the Mega Drive under the title Devil Crash MD.  Not only did they port the PC Engine game but also added extra bonus areas, a kick arse soundtrack and a graphical facelift.  Although PC Engine fan boys will insist there version is better.  I own both and can tell you that while the PC Engine version is great the MD version eclipses it in almost ever aspect.  Anyway, I'm sort of digressing there.

So Technosoft made Devil Crash MD.  Then came along Tengen who bought the rights to release the game in the west under the title of Dragon's Fury.  Tengen also changed a few of the main table graphics as well as changing the pentangle at the top of the table in to a normal star.  I guess it was too dodgy for the west.  Tengen sold quite a fair few copies of Dragon's Fury (Remember that it was still basically Technosoft's game) so they took it upon themselves to make a sequel.  Technosoft had nothing to do with this sequel what so ever and it shows.  For a start the visuals are your typical American dull style as is the audio (Sorry American readers but you must admit that Mega Drive games from the sates mostly look dull or grainy and use that same poor sound engine.) The table is also unnecessarily complicated with not only 3 screens worth of table in height but also 2 1/2 screens in width.  This can give the game an uneven flow at times which is not what you want in a pinball title.  Also at times the ball seems to come from the land of crazy physics which will leave you scratching your head.

So overall you end up with what seems to be a desperate cash in.  While Dragon's Revenge is not a complete disaster such as Dinoland pinball by Wolfteam, it's certainly no Devil Crash.  What is really odd is that Tengen even bothered to release this in Japan.  The Japanese version is basically the American game in a Japanese cartridge.  Everything is identical to the US version complete with the Genesis pad in the option screen.