Title - Assault Suit Leynos
Original Language Title - 重装機兵レイノス
Developer - NCS Masaya
Catalogue No. - T-25013
Game Type - Platform Shooting Action
No. Of players - 1

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It is the year 2201 and expanding technologies have given man the power to live anywhere in space. Amidst this backdrop, the story of Assault Suit Leynos begins with a war between Earth (and its colonies) against a cyborg army returning from the farthest reaches of space. In the game's early stages, the nature or purpose of these cybernetic adversaries, named Chron, is unknown. However, it is later revealed that Chron are the survivors of a failed space expedition (Outer Space Expeditionary Party) sent by Earth a hundred years earlier.

The Earth Defence League fights to defend Earth. The heart of the defensive movement is the Assault Suit-- a twelve-foot tall armoured battle machine with awesome fighting capabilities. You are Rex, an Assault Suit Wing commander and master at Assault Suit combat. The battle begins on Ganymede but shifts to battles in space, on the Earth, and inside enemy outposts.

Assault Suit Leynos is memorable for its well-developed storyline (particularly for an action shooter), catchy music, impressive parallax effects for its time, reward mechanics, and legendary difficulty.

Assault Suit Leynos consists of 8 stages. Much of the game's mechanics fall in line with those of horizontal shooters with some subdued platforming elements. The player's performance after completing a stage dictates what weapons, armour, and accessories are unlocked in the next stage. The game features 14 weapons, which was considered a lot of firepower for an action game in the early 90's. The wide assortment of armaments increased replay value by encouraging the player to experiment with different ways to defeat enemies.