Title - Art Of Fighting
Original Language Title - 龍虎の拳
Developer - Sega
Catalogue No. - G-4083
Game Type - 1 on 1 Fighting
No. Of players - 2

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The big oversized sprite Neo Geo fighter complete with zooming screens comes to the Mega Drive thanks to Sega but how does it compare to the Neo Geo monster? Hmm, obviously it’s not going to be anywhere near as good so maybe we should compare it to the Super Famicom (SNES) version from KAC (Takara).

In stills the Mega Drive version looks much closer to the Neo Geo original thanks to the rich detail in the backgrounds. The characters are a lot smaller than the Neo original and the SFC version however they still look pretty good. This is where the plus points end. You see, the Mega Drive version of Art of Fighting is so stripped down you wouldn’t believe it. It’s as if Sega wanted to produce it on the smallest memory sized cartridge possible. Gone is practically all the speech unlike the SFC version. The music is pretty poor overall plus missing some and what speech is there sounds bloody awful. Of course the scaling effect from the Neo Geo version isn’t present which does make a difference to the way the game plays. In the Neo and SFC versions you can use the zooming of the screen to make jumps of the walls a lot more easier.

Over all Art of Fighting on the Mega Drive is a bit of a let down. It could have been so much better if it wasn’t stripped down to the bare bones.