Title - Arrow Flash
Original Language Title - アローフラッシュ
Developer - Sega
Catalogue No. - G-4039
Game Type - Horizontal Shooting Action
No. Of players - 1

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Back in the late 80's and early 90's Sega made quite a few shooters, Arrow Flash is just one of them.  Now while it may be no Thunder Force IV or Glay Lancer it's still a lot better than many of the other sub-standard shooters out there on the Mega Drive.  One outstanding feature is the anime style intro and cut scenes.  Back in 1990 these weren't exactly common place in shooter and especially not on cartridge based shooters.  The game is incredibly colourful as well although I could swear this was the reason I got shot down a few times due to being distracted by the vibrant colours.  Needless to say it does look very pretty, especially for such an early title.  Audio is also pretty good with nice fitting tunes that are typical of the period.  The sound effects on the other hand are a bit on the loud side at times, especially if you are playing the game with headphones on.

Arrow Flash isn't that tough on the default setting so it's 5 levels while decent in length won't keep you busy for long.  I completed the game on my first go!  Still, it does punch quite a challenge in hard mode.