Title - Arcus Odyssey
Original Language Title - アークス・オデッセイ
Developer - Wolf Team
Catalogue No. - T-32053
Game Type - Action RPG
No. Of players - 2

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Wolf Team certainly did produce some of the best classic video games on the Mega Drive, one of which was Arcus Odyssey. Now like most of Wolf Team’s games the graphics are nothing spectacular but server their purpose which is good enough. What makes Wolf Team games so good is the playability that they have.

In Arcus Odyssey you take the role of one of 4 characters, then it's up to you to navigate the maze like levels avoiding the enemy and their attacks. Sound’s simple doesn’t it? Well, it actually is until you realize that you can’t just go barging through the levels. Within each level there are certain tasks that must be completed before the exit to that level opens up. Not to worry though, there are many treasure boxes to open along the way which will contain magical items or life ups. Use these wisely otherwise you could find yourself in a tricky situation later on in the game.

Great soundtrack, fantastic anime style intro and cut scenes plus a challenge that’s tough but not that tough that it will annoy you makes Arcus Odyssey one of the true Mega Drive classics.

A little bit of trivia. The original Arcus Odyssey was actually released on the Sharp X68000. The SFC was also given a port after the Mega Drive release. However it is far slower than the Mega Drive version making it a less enjoyable experience.