Title - Aladdin
Original Language Title - アラジン
Developer - Virgin Games
Catalogue No. - G-4111
Game Type - Platform Action
No. Of players - 1

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Made by Virgin Interactive in the UK and released by Sega, Aladdin is one of the most in not THE most beautiful 16 bit game ever !!  The quality of animation is unbelievable !  It looks as if it has come straight from the animation it's self.  Even the colours used within Aladdin are remarkable close to the animation giving the game that perfect feel.  When you consider the limitations of the Mega Drive's colour pallet, Virgin had really out done themselves with this one.  It makes Capcom's Super Famicom game seem pretty lame in all areas.  Even the audio is fantastic with perfect remakes of the movie's musical score and sampled speech.  Of course we all know that great graphics and sound don't make a great game (even though some PlayStation fans would ague otherwise) which is what makes this even better.  The play mechanics used within Aladdin really are something else.  The feel of the Aladdin is perfect whether he be running, jumping or flying his magic carpet.  The level design on Aladdin is also very nice.  Rather than have you just going from left to right, each level features many different paths allowing you to enter secret areas.  These really do give the game more appeal than your average A to B platformer.  The only real problem I have with Aladdin is that the screen doesn't scroll as fast as I'd like.  That's only a minor point though.

If you own a Mega Drive and like platformers then you must get this game.  Fantastic !