Title -  Magical Hat's Flying Turbo Adventure (まじかるハットのぶっとびターボ!大冒険)

Developer - Sega   Catalogue No. - G-4041


Type - Platform Action

Some of you may remember this classic platformer from the early days of the Mega Drive and some of you may remember Decap Attack, the bastardized western version from Sega of America. Needless to say the western version was very drab in looks and sound compared to the original Japanese version. Gone were the colourful graphics, cuteish characters and nice level designs and in came the nasty dull graphics, different level designs and well to be fair, sort of ok characters. The original character in Magical Hat is our Turban wearing dude that throws around a little egg type guy. In DeCap Attack however this was changed for a mummy type zombie thing that threw his head. Anyway, enough of this bitching let’s talk more about the game.

Magical Hat is split up in to 7 worlds which each contain 2 large levels that scroll not only left to right but some even go top to bottom or bottom to top. Unlike many platform games of the time, Magical Hat’s graphics were easily some of the best around with bright vibrant colours (this was released well before Sonic came along). The level design was also well produced if not a little unforgiving at times. As well as the standard run and jump our hero had the ability to collect magic pills which could be used to boost his skills or provide shields and so on. Then there’s his chucky egg mate who he can throw at various enemies coming his way. This little egg guy can also act as a type of second life. Without him you’ll die after just 1 hit but with him you’re given a second chance since he takes the main hit leaving you free to continue your adventure. Well, that is until you get killed which you will (^o^).

After completing a world you are given the chance to take part in one of two different bonus rounds. One is just your standard looking fruit machine while the other is a little more interesting. In this bonus round you must place your bets at the beginning of a road map (where it leads to you can’t see) Then you sit back and watch your character take a walk down his selected path. At the end of 3 of the paths are bonus items such as more pills or life ups. Unfortunately one path leads to a hole in which you win nothing. Fans of the Master System classic, Psycho Fox may remember this bonus round from that game. This is not a coincident however since Magical Hat is heavily based on Psycho Fox which was also by Sega.

I really recommend getting Magical Hat Turbo Adventure if you own a Mega Drive. It’s a true classic that still manages to play well, look good and sound good even now. There’s not many 15 year old games you can say that about.

Below you can see a scan of the actual game cartridge and instruction book